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Custom wire race bearings provide extreme space and weight savings and corrosion resistance



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Muskegon, Michigan, USA...When space and weight are at a premium and corrosion resistance is essential, SKF and Kaydon wire race bearings are the ideal solution. Wire race and inserted raceway bearings, introduced by SKF in Europe and Kaydon in the USA in the 1970s, have been proven effective in a variety of demanding applications.

Custom wire race bearings are built to fit each design and application, in shape and material combinations that aren't possible with conventional designs. Stainless steel wire and rolling elements make them very corrosion-resistant, and a variety of materials can be used for the rings.

Unlike standard bearings, the rolling motion in the wire race bearing occurs between the rollers and the wires (raceways) mounted in the surrounding bearing rings, rather than between the rolling elements and the bearing rings. This leaves wires free to move within their housings. Rings can conform to the deformations of the mounting structure, while the rollers and raceways adjust their position to maintain the internal geometry desired, allowing for even, consistent friction torque.

Operating on a light film of lubricant, wire race bearings are virtually maintenance-free. They require only periodic lubrication, depending on the environment and operating conditions.

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SKF and Kaydon Wire Race bearings