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Kaydon slewing bearings: flight-critical engineering and mine-friendly pricing

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By now you've probably heard how Kaydon Bearings can save you $100,000s on your next replacement slewing bearing. What you may not know is the engineering expertise and years of experience that go into every bearing that Kaydon designs, builds, or remanufactures.

80+ years of experience

In 1941, the US Navy went looking for a supplier of large bore, 50"+ slewing ring bearings for warship gun mounts. When no other bearing company would take on the task, Kaydon was born. Since then, Kaydon has continued to apply engineering expertise to slewing ringKaydon Bearings - slewing ring bearings, slewing bearings remanufacturing for mining bearings for a variety of demanding industries, including aerospace / defense, mining, heavy equipment, medical systems, industrial machinery, and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

Seeing is believing

A top-five US coal producer was intrigued by Kaydon's cost savings but wanted assurance of Kaydon's quality. Kaydon arranged a plant visit at its ISO 9001:2008 facility in Avon, Ohio, USA, where he toured the 24,000 sq. ft. dedicated remanufacturing department. He also learned that Kaydon designs and manufactures flight-critical bearings for fighter jets and helicopters. Once he experienced Kaydon's engineering expertise as well as its remanufacturing capabilities, he instructed all of the company's mines to procure future slewing bearings from Kaydon.

Exceptional engineering for improved performance

When you replace or repair your bearing with Kaydon, you can save up to $250,000 and enjoy improved performance compared to an OEM bearing.

Kaydon's experienced remanufacturing staff is supported by expert engineers and dedicated, state of the art equipment. When manufacturing a new replacement bearing, Kaydon takes original OEM specs and reverse-engineers the original bearing, and conducts design review and analysis to improve static capacity and increase dynamic life. A new or remanufactured Kaydon bearing will perform as well or better than, and last as long or longer than, an OEM bearing. Replacement bearings carry a prorated two-year warranty,* and remanufactured bearings carry a one-year warranty.

*Full warranty for 15 months after date of delivery, then declining cost of replacement of ten percent (10%) each month to twenty-four (24) months after date of delivery.